About Us

This is Venice Actually: welcome to our website!
We will be your direct access to Venice. Thanks to our help you will utterly enjoy the unique and mysterious spirit of the most beautiful city in the world.

Venice Actually is an Italian, highly dynamic and professional services Company. We founded in 2013, willingly to share with you the secrets of this extraordinary city that will make you experience emotions and sensations you will never ever forget, be you a visitor or a business traveller.

Our exclusive apartments have been carefully selected for location, comfort, furnishings and charm. We constantly check them to ensure that everything is functional and ready to welcome you, just like at our homes.

The foundation of our Company has its roots in our wish to share with you this magic city. It also roots in the travel experiences that we have been enjoying thanks to the touristic apartments, and taught us what are the needs when someone is far away from home.

In our opinion the very first important thing is meeting a local, smiling face, available to answer to any question. The second thing is arriving at a tidy, cosy house, with comfy beds and towels ready to use, so that relaxing on the sofa, or taking a regenerating shower will feel exactly as natural as at home.

The third thing is that the apartment must look exactly like in the description and photos of the advert, in order for all of the expectations to be fulfilled.

It is finally comforting to know that there will be always someone ready to come to your aid during your stay, even if you are an experienced traveller.

In order to make all of this possible, the other Venice Actually mission is providing the required services to the owners of the apartments. Those owners who are not using the apartments all the year round, may wish to rent their properties to those travellers like you, who in turn are curious to discover the singular aspects of the Venetian everyday life.

This is therefore Venice Actually: your tool to find the right apartment for your holiday or business trip and come back home with the suitcase full of those unforgettable emotions and experiences that just Venice can offer.

Venice Actually, as stated at the beginning, is your direct access to the city, straight through the main door, open for you to disclose the stunning secrets of Venice.