Venice is enchanting and the ideal way to live it completely, even if for a few days, is lodge in an apartment like a true Venetian, maybe doing shopping at the Rialto Market, between the shoals of fish and stalls of fruit, like once. In this area, dedicated to those who have a few days to spend in the lagoon city, you can find the apartment more suited to your needs. In the Venice Experiences area, you'll find useful information for your holidays.
Look inside, and that your journey begin.


If you are in Venice for a business trip or a long holiday, the right way to feel at home is to rent a furnished apartment, equipped with every comfort. In this section you will find the best suited solution to your needs and in the Venice Experience area, you will find useful tips for your stay.
Look inside and find the right apartment for you.


Venice Actually is a magic box. Lifting up the lid, you’ll find all the instruments to fully enjoy your holiday or, why not, your business trip. And, if you are looking for an unique and special location to arrange your event or exposition or temporary shop, look inside the magic box and the solution will appear to you!
From the house to lodge, up to the striking space to organise your event; from the restaurant where you can taste the typical dishes of the Venetian tradition, up to the professional catering service that will cook for your guests; from the Gondoliere that will show you the secret sides of the canals, up to the water transport services for all city destinations.
Venice Actually will even, if you wish, provide for a personal guide that will disclose you a hidden Venice, a professional hairdresser that will hairstyle you for your romantic dinner and a baby sitter that will entertain your kids.
And for your fitness? Don’t worry, Venice Actually has some good hints for that as well.
Everything you are dreaming to experience in Venice, you'll find inside this magic box.
Open the lid, and the magic will amaze you!

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